2017: Predictions of the game

Jay-Z drops an album
Had to start with a bang. We feel this one probably makes sense given that jay-z hasn’t dropped an album in 4 years now which is currently the joint longest he’s ever gone in his career without an album. Given that Diddy is projected to be hiphop’s first billionaire this year. A hov album will probably add more value to tidal bring in some tour money and elevate him higher. Plus that LiveNation deal might be up for renewal pretty soon maybe??

Kendrick drops
He works a lot and is constantly generating ideas as any artist worth their salt should. Prior to TPAB he had a 1year gap between projects…. untitled unmastered was an overspill of tpab, and there is a plethora of material akeen to Kendrick’s analogy so he is knocking on 2017’s door.

Nas drops another classic
See “Nas album done”. Nasty Nas’ releases have always been better than 3 stars in my opinion. Revisiting them, there’s a wealth of gold in those albums even the ones that people felt he missed the mark on. Based on his last album and verses he’s been dropping, he’s geared up to fire a monster. Would be great to hear his take on the game and it’s current state.

Joey Bada$$ drops
This is probably going to happen given that he released devastated last year. Even though that was much more ‘singy’ than anything he’s ever done before, it would be interesting to see what route he goes when it’s album time. Will he really get Thugger Thugger on his album?

Chip returns to the himself
After the big hitters of the UK scene dropped arguably the strongest year of UK hiphop (grime is hiphop) Giggs dropped a hot album, Kano dropped a classic, Sway dropped a classic, Wretch dropped a classic and Skepta dropped a classic. Chip was re-establishing himself in a way.  Whilst 2015’s feeling myself brought Kano out of some type of hibernation and Wretch was always relevant, Chip didn’t really take off. Although we feel he may not know where or what exactly his end goal is based on his showing, the guy reminded us that he literally does not run out of bars. He may have been distracted by the beefs which garnered some good views and rapport with fans of course but he didn’t drop a project as solid as transition, or even Spazz.com but the bars were there. He knows Stormzy is potentially going to kill the game this year, can Chip make his own mark on the year too?

Big Sean – silences the doubters
Is big Sean a premier rapper? Top of the class? Our definition of a premier rapper has many factors but a go-to (as a consumer of rap music in the UK) is – can he sell out the o2? I say this because to do that (U.S. rappers only) you have to be hot on both sides to crazy levels, have both hits and; be good enough a household name to do it. Not sure he’s quite there yet but he’s definitely getting there and after progressive albums this might just be the one! Definitely made good inroads with Dark Sky Paradise but can he go one further?
Curious corner
What will Skepta do following the huge konnicheewa?
What’s beyond coloring book for chano?