#NewMusicMondays 8 May 2017

Right off the top of the last tip-off we dispatched with Wale doing weak numbers in his first week, we press on with this week’s big drop, Logic with “Everybody”. The reason Wale is mentioned in this sentence alongside Logic is that we would view these two to be extremely talented rappers who seem to be a step or two away from the Kendricks, J. Coles and Big Seans of this world. Logic however is lucky in that his trajectory seems to be on the up and after two solid first albums this might be where he emerges from the shadows and begins to stake a claim for a seat at the top table. Expecting a lot from this project, won’t lie, and so it should be a good listen.

For the second recommendation, Russ finally delivers his ‘label debut’ with “There’s really a wolf”. He’s been saying all the right things in a bunch of interviews over the last few months and has really done a great job getting to where he is through his own efforts. Everything we’ve heard so far has been good and has been fully handled by Russ himself. So with this project going through the same process, this should be no different. Expecting a solid album and a great listen.

In the curious corner this week… Kid Ink with “7 series”. This is for the ‘don’t-miss-the-punchline-in-the-club’ part of the blog. Littered with some promising features, should be a staple for the clubs and so a good one for your rotation.