#NewMusicMonday September 25 2017

At the top this week we have Macklemore dropping his sophomore effort ‘Gemini’. Yes we said sophomore, as he’s really truly venturing out on his own now since the success without Ryan Lewis his producer and good friend. From the first couple of listens however he doesn’t seem to have strayed too far from the sauce he created with Ryan Lewis but off course the proof is in the pudding if he can be anywhere near as successful on his own. Jury’s out but you gotta listen to judge and it should be an intriguing listen for your rap ears.

Another entree looking to replicate past glories is Wyclef Jean who lands with his ‘Carnival 3’ album. Looking to take cues from and evoke memories of The Carnival, his debut, Cleff will be hoping this effort is even as minutely successful as the impactful classic. Due to his impact on the game this is worth a listen and I’m sure will garner some head bumping moments. Listen.

In the curious corner, Lecrae comes in with his major label debut “All Things Work Together”. Coming with the Christian rapper tag, he brings a centred approach but his flows are always on point. Listening to what he does with that big money production will be interesting. Listennnn


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