#NewMusicMonday October 16 2017

Yet another week and some good solid drops for your rap ears.

Off the top, the UK scene’s top dawg, Wretch 32 drops the highly anticipated “FR32”. Since Wretch dropped last year’s huge “Growing Over Life”, understanding where he would go next was the challenge and with single it seems in a cool, comfortable playful place. Look forward to hearing this one, always heavy with the lyricism.

Second, only because of the validity, Wu-Tang Clan drop “The Saga Continues”. Through the various infighting amongst the Wu they have managed to drop this project. Some members are more active than others and some are more behind it than others too. Given that Raekwon and Ghostface are still involved and are arguably the coldest two, this should be good in its own right. Listennn.

Finally, in the curious corner the clone of Gucci Mane drops “Mr. Davis”. The ever-green ATL general never seizes to amaze and were it not for the juggernauts in front, would have it a top recommendation. Burrrrr.