About that life

Chris Rock said it: “Whatever music was playing when you first started getting laid, you’re gonna love that music for the rest of your life”. A simple and accurate summation of how most of us got here.

But as we’re getting older, it’s much harder to keep track of rap music. Who’s shaking up the scene? Who’s the new kid making waves? Who’s dropped the hottest project? What are the legends doing? All important questions to the rap head – new or old.

But the ease of digital, means there’re a million rappers releasing music daily – making it harder to navigate and find the good stuff. Then you add work, friends, family, priorities, the list goes on. In simple terms, life gets in the way of our relationships with rap music.

Having said that; we still want to listen to good rap. We still want to know what’s happening in the rap world. And we still don’t want to be that one person in the club that misses the killer punchline when the dj cuts to the volume and EVERYBODY shouts it.

So we started this blog to proactively carry on enjoying rap music, stay in touch with the culture and live with it around us. If we help someone else keep that then hella dope!

Just don’t forget to reciprocate the love and share our posts!!